Hello, I'm Steph...

I’m a qualified performance coach, working with individuals and teams who are seeking the clarity, courage and support they need to change.

I haven’t always been a coach, however. Prior to this, I spent fifteen years in the primary education sector, starting off as a teacher and finishing as a deputy headteacher and inclusion leader. About ten years ago, I began writing too and, in 2015, I published my first book for newly qualified teachers. I also had a blog and a podcast for NQTs. All of this led to regular articles in Teach Primary magazine (which I still contribute to today) and posts on their blog. 2016 and 2017 saw the final two books in my NQT series published too. I also wrote lesson plans and activities for Pearson’s Bug Club series.

But in 2016, I decided that I wanted and needed a change. I’d been lucky enough to receive coaching as part of my school’s leadership team and something clicked with me. It happened to coincide with my increased exposure to books and podcasts on personal development and I knew I was on to something. It was a big decision to leave a profession that I knew so well and I was mildly terrified. 

But I had that spark, that knowledge that my ambition could develop into something truly exciting and take me on a journey that felt scary, yet exhilarating, all at the same time. In 2018, I did the free two-day training offered by The Coaching Academy in London and I genuinely felt as though I’d come home. I left at the end of the second day with excitement coursing through my veins. Coaching was definitely for me!

I began my performance coaching diploma with The Coaching Academy a week later and spent a year learning the craft, qualifying with a merit in August 2019. Part of my qualification was to complete forty coaching sessions, so by the time I finished, I already had forty hours of coaching under my belt.

During that time, I also began ghost writing personal development books for publishers in Australia, including one on taking responsibility for your life. It was during this time that I realised I’d made the right decision to pursue personal development and coaching as my future career. But I also knew that writing would also be at the heart of my business too. I began writing for Laughology, a company who prioritise wellbeing and happiness in the workplace. I still write for them and was recently lucky enough to contribute lesson plans to their PSHE scheme of work, The Happy-Centred School Programme.

It’s been a journey with plenty of twists and turns, but it’s been a journey that has led me to here. You see my initial spark was a love of personal development and I knew that I wanted to work with people who are forward-thinking and motivated. People who don’t shy away from a challenge.

People like you.

I also knew that I could use my fifteen years in education to positively impact the lives of others, not only through coaching, but also through workshops, events and training. I felt confident that I could support others effectively in their pursuit of professional and personal development.

Today I’m grateful that I’ve been able to create a life that makes me happier and more fulfilled, presenting me with lots of opportunities to work with other ambitious, self-motivated people on a daily basis. 

Why not join me and we can take your exciting journey together?

'The coaching sessions with Steph helped me focus on what I want to achieve and how to break my goals down into practical steps. I'm now committed to achieving them.'

Laxmi, Business Owner