‘Communication works for those who work at it.’

John Powell

Brilliant communication is important for every brand, no matter their size or position in the market.
Consistently great communication builds a brand’s reputation and has your followers and fans hanging on your every word.
But it’s hard to get it consistently right. You know what you want to say, but what’s the best way to say it?
Maybe you know you want to reach more of your audience through your blog or newsletter. You sit down to write, but nothing happens. You write a sentence or two, but then delete it. You’re not sure how to grab their attention.
Why would they read your content over your competitor’s?
Or perhaps you want to engage them on social media. You’ve got great photos for Instagram, but your captions are falling flat. You know there must be a way to grow your connection with your audience. You want them to share and interact with you.
So far you’re hearing crickets…

How can I help you?

As an established, published writer, I’m here to help you.
From sharing tips to get those posts written, to helping you with content strategy, I can support you to communicate creatively with your audience. 
Writing is my passion… but it’s also my job!
I’ve written three books and ghost-written two more. I write regularly for clients’ blogs and manage their social media.
I love working with brands to help them find their voice and share it with their audience. 
So if you’d like support with your written content or your social media, get in touch! Soon, your brand’s voice will cut through the noise and tell your story in a way your audience will love.

Steph's quick understanding of our brand, and support in representing this across our social media platforms, has really made a difference to us being able to connect to our audiences.


Coaching/consulting for:
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Ebook creation
We’ll work together to look at your audience, your tone of voice and how to write content that actually gets read! 
Together, we’ll also address the positive mindset needed in order to write your content and publish it confidently.
Coaching/consulting for:
  • Social strategy
  • Writing captions/posts
  • Understanding your audience
  • Managing your social media
Working together we can take an umbrella view of where your social media is now and how you can engage more authentically with your audience.

We’ll also address the mindset and productivity techniques you’ll need to establish a social media presence.

Let’s get spectacularly creative and combine the two!

For small business owners who want help with overall content creation, as well as support to build their social media presence – all with the right mindset!

‘Writing, the art of communicating thoughts to the mind through the eye, is the great invention of the world.’

Abraham Lincoln