Got a question? Why not see if I can answer it below?

Great question! In its most basic form, coaching is a series of supportive conversations that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be.

A coach uses a range of questions to enable you to explore your goals fully, giving you the time and space to establish how you can achieve them and what the next steps are. It is a conversation entirely led by what you want to achieve and when. It is a conversation that is truly transformational. If you have goals that you want to achieve in the next few months or years, coaching is for you.

Coaches believe that the answers you seek are already inside you, we just ask the right questions to help you find them!

This is one of the most common questions I hear… and for good reason! It is often a misused term. 

To put it simply, coaches don’t give advice or suggestions. Mentors and consultants do. Coaches skilfully ask the questions you need to answer to find the solutions you seek. 

Where do I begin? The benefits of coaching are different for everyone, but below are those I hear most regularly from clients, as well as the benefits I have experienced through being coached – yes, coaches have coaches too!

  • You gain clarity in goals or areas of your life where you feel stuck or challenged.
  • It gives you dedicated time for ‘big picture’ thinking and goal-setting.
  • Provides regular actions steps that take you closer to your goals and, ultimately, achieving them.
  • An opportunity to weigh up options for moving forward.
  • Sessions build confidence! You do have the answers you seek – they were in there the whole time!
  • Questions and feedback from someone impartial really helps to focus on the appropriate way forward.
  • Gives your business or life much needed focus time away from distractions.
  • Provides a level of accountability to make sure actions are completed.
  • Coaching is an opportunity for personal development and learning.

Do you have a strong desire to succeed? Are there goals you want to achieve in your life/business, but you never seem to be able to achieve them? Do you know where you want to ‘go’, but you’re unsure of how to get there? Do you want to lead your life or business with a strong vision and successful results?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then coaching sounds like it’s right for you. 

Before coaching begins, we’ll have an intake session where we discuss why you’ve come to coaching and what you want to get from the experience. If, during that session, I believe that coaching isn’t the right path for you on this occasion, I will tell you and offer other suitable suggestions.

If you’re still unsure as to whether coaching is right for you at this stage of your journey, use the form on my Contact page and I’ll be happy to discuss it further.

Coaching sessions are 50 minutes long and take place in person or via Zoom. 

Before the main part of the session starts, we’ll do a quick review of the actions from the previous session, discussing what went well and what you’ve learned. Then we’ll crack on with the good stuff!

Firstly we discuss the topic/area you want to work on during the session and consider why it’s important to you. We’ll also work together to help you understand exactly what success will look like and develop a goal/outcome to work on.

Once you’ve established your goal/outcome, we’ll look at where you are now, what you’ve done so far and what skills, support and resources you have available to you.

With all that information, we’ll discuss all the options you can think of that might help you achieve your goal – nothing is off limits here and it’s a great time to really think through all the possibilities. Sometimes the best ideas come from the most ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Finally, we’ll look at the options you’ve created and you can then decide which ones you want to take action on. We’ll then build an action plan with precise timescales to help you towards achieving your goal.

After that, it’s up to you! You’ve got the action plan, but it’s down to you to put that plan into action. Despite my background in education, I don’t go in to teacher mode and demand that homework is completed! This is your journey, not mine. Of course I want you to be successful, but ultimately that success will come from you and from the actions you decide to take. I’m just here to provide a light on the path ahead.

I work with individuals and teams who are ready for a change. 

All my clients, whether individually or as a team, must be:

  • Open minded, ready to be challenged and willing to put in the hard work required to get the results they are looking for. 
  • People who prioritise personal and/or professional development.
  • Life-long learners who are curious and prepared to make bold steps on their journey to success. 
  • Driven, forward thinking and self-motivated people who like to set themselves goals – and once they’ve done so, they’re dedicated to pursuit of achieving them. 
  • People who relish the opportunities that lie ahead and are unafraid to invest the time and effort required to get where they want to be. 
  • Honest with themselves about their skills and ambitions.
  • Looking for some support to really accelerate their growth. 

Ultimately, my clients want to achieve something they’ve never achieved before and they understand that hard work and determination is a part of that. They’re tired of standing still. They want to move forward.

Does this sound like you? Use the form on my Contact page and we can have a chat! 

Full information about the packages I offer are on my Coaching page.

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All corporate enquiries, please use the Contact form to discuss your coaching needs.

The easiest answer to this question is…for as long as they want and need it! 

All my packages start with six sessions and then increase in increments of three, so that people can customise their coaching experience to what benefits them. 

You might feel that you make enough progress in the first block of six sessions and that’s great. But if you want to have more, you can build it up in blocks of three until you feel you’ve got all you need from the coaching experience.

This is always discussed during your coaching journey with me, so that you feel supported in all decisions.

It is also up to you how frequently you have the sessions. Some clients speak to me weekly or fortnightly, whilst others opt for monthly sessions. I don’t recommend anything longer than a month between sessions, as this can mean that coaching loses its impact.